Giuseppe Tucci, the pioneering Italian adventurer, etched his name in history as the first Italian to reach Tibet in the early 1900s. Through multiple epic journeys, he traversed the enchanting Tibetan plateau, ultimately venturing to the captivating Swat Valley, now nestled in Pakistan.

Swat Valley, once known as Uddiyana, holds a treasure trove of ancient history and played a significant role in Buddhism, especially from the perspective of Tibetan Buddhism.

To honor Tucci's legacy, I received two generous grants from ISMEO, the International Association for Mediterranean and Oriental Studies, founded by Tucci himself. These grants enabled me to retrace and reinterpret Tucci's expeditions with a modern touch.

The work produced metamorphoses beyond mere imagery, metaphorically delving into the socio-political transitions that enlivened the lands Tucci dared to tread. Like a visionary, he foresaw this transformation, diverging from the rigid constraints of his era's essentialist theories.

Join me on this fascinating odyssey, as we traverse the boundless realms of transformation, and the legacy of Giuseppe Tucci beckons us to unveil the intricacies of a changing world.



The inaugural limited edition of my book, "The Haweaters," has been completed, accompanied by a collection of dummy tomes that played a pivotal role in shaping the volume. Simultaneously, a second concept for "The Haweaters" is now taking form, adding to the tapestry of possibilities.

A few details about the limited first edition:


132 Pages - 96 Photographs/Collages Colour/Black and White

Hard Eco Leather Cover/Perfect Bound

Satin Paper 216gsm/0.19mm 

A quick preview of the book. 

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constitutes a sequence of intricately crafted collages and visual annotations meticulously curated prior to each of my immersive sojourns with ISMEO. The underlying intention, then as now, resides in the complete apprehension of Giuseppe Tucci's distinctive methodology in undertaking his voyages of discovery. As my foray into the profundities of Tucci's repositories and literary corpus grew deeper, a realization dawned upon me. It became evident that, in stark contrast to numerous contemporaneous explorers of his era, Tucci diverged markedly from the prevailing strains of Western expeditionary essentialism that characterized the nascent years of the 1900s. 

Dr. Luca Olivieri, the esteemed head of the Italian archaeological mission stationed in Mingora, nestled within the Swat District of Pakistan, pens the following exposition: 

"Crossing the sea with ingenuity and artifice has bestowed upon the Western man a sense of independence: the land he reaches will be one he has conquered, earned, and yet, it will remain foreign, distinct, and alien to him. The civilization from which that man hails is not that of the land on which he lands. Conversely, this land can be seen as the realm of a civilization shaped by its own utopias. As one feels alone in the world ('After all, it is we who have traversed the sea with artifice and ingenuity, not them!'), our utopias stand as the utopia of all humanity."

These collages stand as contenders against the aforementioned concept, poised to recognize the intricate nature inherent in any genealogical endeavour. Such pursuits are all too frequently subjected to artful manipulation, orchestrated to appease a predetermined narrative.



After much reflection on my extensive research, and the 10,000+ words written for my Documentary Media MFA at Toronto Metropolitan University, I've decided to release the paper to the public through my website. Although it was already available within TMU, I wanted to share it with a wider audience.

The paper explores Manitoulin Island's role as a micro model in shaping the Canadian archetype, during the transition from colonialism to multiculturalism. 

You can find the full essay here:  


Join me on this captivating journey into Canada's rich history and discover the profound influence of the "Manitoulin Model" in fostering the identity of a country.


Unveiling the Facets of Violence and its Ethical Implications  

This study delves into the intricate realms of violence and its bioethics. 

A visual research on Western news databases, and the origin of stereotypes that hold sway, shaping the collective imagination and perception of the general public.



During the golden age of mixtapes, I experienced the thrill of creating my own music compilations using a double deck cassette player. 

It was a journey of experimentation with cuts, fades, and proto mixing, igniting a dream of becoming a DJ. However, fate had other plans, leading me to fall passionately in love with photography. 

As the playlist era emerged, I eagerly embraced it, discovering that the essence of both analog and digital mixtapes mirrored the art of editing and sequencing images. 

Music and photography intertwined, allowing me to curate moments that resonate with emotions and storytelling, transcending time and touching the soul. HERE is a long playlist I created on SPOTIFY, for assignments, editing, and all the travels in between. 


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